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Just a Slice
*up to 5 miles, on orders above $30


is where you can have it all!
Our kitchen serves the best Italian food


Born to Deliver!

Welcome to Barzotto's official website!

Our restaurant is located in 1270 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA and we deliver up to 10 miles around our location. You're most welcome to make a pickup order as well. 

On our site you can choose to order directly through our official website.

Thanks for supporting local restaurants by ordering direct and not through 3rd party platforms!

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We are committed to freshness, the best food quality in town, quick deliveries, and take-out. 


You can order from our menu that includes Pizza, Pasta, Salad.



Delicious food with to perfection cooked pasta. Not sure what they did to Brussels sprouts but they are something extra! Must try! Each pasta dish is different which give ton of variation to keep coming back. Rigatoni was a my favorite while Bucatini had a great punch. Not to forget porchetta finally, the tiramisu was the dot over the i.

Larry R


Holy toledo was this place GREAT! Amazing pastas and pizzas - the textures were absolutely perfect - and some of the best meatballs I've ever had. I will be back soon enough - there are too many other things I want to try! This place is fantastic for a weeknight dinner with friends or a cute date - can't wait to return!

Kenneth Martin